San Diego Music Thing x SNCL

Playing tonight with all the homies, Rafter and Lion Cut. It is gonna be super hot and super sweaty at the Whistle Stop, San Diego, CA tonight! Don’t forget to get there early and start your drinking early, show at 9pm.
Also, new double music video for Bubbles and Whoop and Just Wanna coming out next week!

See you tonight!


Smile Now Cry Later Record Release!!!

SNCL record release party JUNE 29

The day has finally arrived and I can say to all of you that have been asking, my record comes out JULY 3RD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The record release dance party will be on Friday, June 29th in my hometown of San Diego, California at one of my favorite bars, Whistle Stop bar in the South Park neighborhood. The celebration will get started by the dynamic duo, Lion Cut. They will be doing a special DJ set to start off and end the night with classic freestyle 80’s jams. Rafter will be performing a special dance party set as well. It is gonna be an epic night and one you’ll surely not want to miss.

So much more in SNCL news to come! I have a few tricks up my sleeve and can’t wait to show them to you all!


New Show End of 2011

I will be dusting myself off and starting the good ol practicing regimen today to be ready for my show this Friday, December 16th in San Diego, CA. I will be playing with the always awesome, Rafter and Mr. Tube and the Flying Objects. Dj Claire will be providing the in between jams. I am very excited to be playing again and am looking forward to this all-star San Diego band show down at the one and only Casbah San Diego.
Lately, I have been working on my video projects as well as my photography, but getting nice and ready to finally finish up my album and release it at the beginning of the year. Looking forward for whats to come.

Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun

A few weeks ago,  Rafter and SNCL were asked to work together on a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”. We were so excited to work together on this project! Most of the work that Rafter and I have done has been cameo work on each others music, so to have a great opportunity to collaborate was awesome! We both are very happy with what we came up with and I hope that if Cyndi Lauper ever hears our version she is also happy with it:)

Enjoy! xoxoxoSNCL + Rafter

P.S. I posted the original video of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” for you to enjoy after you hear our cover<3

Smile Now Cry Later, Rafter and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt

I have finally booked my first show coming back from recording hiatus! I am still not done recording and have loads to do still before I am done, but I am very happy with what I have recorded so far.
I just made this sweet flier that reminds me of a woman terminator and I would love for you all to come out for SNCL, Rafter and Terror Pigeon next week at the Casbah in San Diego 9pm. Show is 10 adv and 12 day of and 21+. Come do it to it!! It is going to be so so so much fun. Excited to get back into the swing of playing live again. Lots of practice to come:)


Photos from Lizeth Santos Photo BOOth!

I have already updated them on my news page for my photography site, but I am also going to post all the images here! Enjoy and feel free to right click and save as:)



Just finished the flier for my upcoming show! The show is a celebration of the release of Rafter’s ANIMAL FEELINGS cd! For which I did the artwork! Whoot! Come celebrate with Rafter, Smile Now Cry Later, Lion Cut and Cuckoo Chaos with DJ WWDJ! It should be an awesome dance party time!

You’ll get to see me perform as SNCL and as booty dancer and back-up singer extraordinaire in Rafter and as photographer for the night!<3

Free Cake!

Free CD’s from Asthmatic Kitty!

Free Color-your-own animal themed masks!

Dance Contest!

Awesome Times!!

See you there!


Live Culture

I was just given these images from the San Diego Museum of Art’s Culture and Cocktails event that I performed at last month. I am glad to finally be getting in some photos from live performances and looking forward to uploading more as well as some video.
I also just returned from SxSw and although I did not perform as Smile Now Cry Later I was able to hand out my demo to many awesome folks. I also got to take part in an all girl drum off as part of the Tom Tom Magazine party. Super fun!
I have set up a new show with Rafter for his upcoming cd release party at the Tin Can Alehouse on April 17th and looking to book a small tour as well!! Whoot! Lots in the works!